Anger Management Classes for Kids


Thinking Connections Counselling & Psychotherapy Services (TCCPS) organizes anger management classes for children aged 5 to 11 by utilising the Feuerstein Instrumental Enrichment (F.I.E.) Method for cognitive training. 


The (F.I.E.) Method is a psycho educational intervention recommended for various childhood problems including anger management. 

F.I.E aims at enhancing the cognitive skills of pupils, including those with learning difficulties. It teaches the child alternative ways of dealing with anger, how to deal with conflict or confrontation and how to reduce the incidence of becoming angry by educating them on how a response or their behaviour can determine the outcome of a situation. 

The child will be educated on developing alternative strategies to solve problems which they can apply to different areas of their life.

The children will be given a set of scenarios to study in order for them to recognise how the outcome of a situation can be changed by their response to conflict or confrontation and how the outcome of a situation is dependant on their approach or behaviour to a situation.


The sessions are run by a Practitioner Psychologist (HCPC Registered) and a Certified Feuerstein Practitioner. Groups are from 2 to 5 children and usually would be from 8 to 10 sessions. We would meet with you and your child one-on-one for consultation and evaluation before anything happens.


The purpose of the consultation is to determine if this is the most appropriate way of working with the child and to develop an individualized plan for success. The price of a session would be £50 and £60 for the consultation session.


If there is more than one child from the same school we could attend your local school and with the necessary arrangements we could run a group in there otherwise you would have to attend one of our venues from Merthyr Tydfil or Cardiff.

To find out more information or to book a consultation session, please send us an email.

Thinking Connections

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Due to demand and capacity, we vary who we can offer support; this makes it impossible for us to answer all the phone calls made to us. Therefore, to ensure we get back to everyone, we suggest you drop us an email, and we will do our best to get back to you as soon as possible.


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