Instrumental Enrichment (IE)

The Instrumental Enrichment program is a series of non-curricular tasks, designed to strengthen learning skills through various cognitive exercises.









What it is

Designed to enhance an individual's learning and thinking strategies, the IE tools are a series of non-curricular paper and pencil tasks, focusing on perceptual-motor function. 

There are two sets of Instrumental Enrichment programs: The IE Basic program for young children and low-functioning individuals, and the IE Standard program, which is used with older children, high-school students, and adult learners of all ages. 

How it works

During the IE sessions, a trained Feuerstein mediator leads learners, either one-on-one or in a classroom, through increasingly complex cognitive tasks and works with them on how to analyze a problem and how to solve it systematically. The progressive nature of the IE tools allows the learner’s progress to be monitored, and the program to be modified in accordance with the learner’s developing needs.

IE utilizes a style of teaching called mediation. In our terms, mediation means to teach information to the learner in a way that is meaningful to them, so that they understand the lesson and are able to apply it in other contexts. 

IE Basic

The IE Basic cognitive intervention program is comprised of a eleven pencil-and-paper instruments. Deliberately free of specific subject matter, the FIE Basic tasks are intended to be readily transferable to all educational and everyday life situations. They may be taught in the classroom, an after-school enrichment setting, or used as a part of a clinical therapy program.

The IE Basic instruments are truly unique. Not only do they teach vitally important cognitive strategies – such as how to gather information, strategize, compare and problem solve - they also teach children cognition behind emotions. Thought provoking and creative,  IE Basic delves into topics such as how to move from feeling empathy to turning it into action, and how to prevent violence. FIE Basic not only teaches how to learn, it teaches how to infer, act and behave with thoughtful intelligence; how to be a friend and a contributing member of society.

IE Basic consists of 11 Instruments.

IE Standard

IE Standard is a series of structured paper-and-pencil exercises that gradually increase in levels of difficulty and abstraction. The materials are organized into workbooks called “instruments” and each instrument focuses on a specific cognitive area such as analytic perception, comparison, classification, orientation in space and time, and so on. They may include verbal, mathematical, logical and even emotional skills, depending upon the needs of the learner. Learners are guided through the tasks by a mediator who helps them develop strategies for problem solving and analytic thinking that they can then carry on into the rest of their lives.

IE Standard can be used in a classroom or workplace setting, with small groups of targeted learners, and as a one-to-one therapeutic intervention.

IE Standard consists of 14 instruments.


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